Amotekun Recruitment 2022/2023 | Application Form, Portal & Requirements

Here you can find information on the Amotekun Recruitment website, the application form, and prerequisites for working for Amotekun Security in the southwest states of Lagos, Ekiti, Ogun, Osun, Ondo, and Oyo. 

Amotekun Recruitment 2022

Do you wish to become a member of the recently formed Southwest Security Service, also known as operation Amotekun? If so, you might find it interesting to know that we have offered thorough instructions and guidance to help you with the application process. 

These cover the prerequisites, requirements, and instructions for applying smoothly for the Amotekun Corps recruiting.

Therefore, we have described the processes to follow in order to have a successful application, whether you wish to apply for the Ondo Amotekun recruitment, Oyo State Amotekun Corps recruitment, Ekiti State Amotekun security recruiting, or other corps recruitment.

How to Apply for Amotekun Recruitment 2022

Here is how to apply for a position with Amotekun. You can begin submitting application forms on the Amotekun employment website for free. To apply, go to on the Amotekun website.

The application form for Amotekun is free. The application is still available in the various Amotekun state offices if you’ve been wishing to apply and join Amotekun. Complete it, then turn it into the proper authorities.

Amotekun Recruitment Requirements

Before applying for the Amotekun security recruitment 2022, all applicants must meet a few prerequisites.

1. The Amotekun recruitment will include young men, young women, and old people. In some states, there will be idiosyncrasies. However, you must be at least 18 and no older than 65 to apply. So, if you’re under 18, you can apply for jobs at Amotekun.

2. Regardless of age, the security agency needs the correct staff who are educated about local security.

3. The most intriguing aspect of this recruitment is that the minimal need is a primary school diploma. Therefore, applicants without SSCE results are also welcome. 

4. Additionally, potential candidates must possess a legitimate form of identification, such as a voter card, driver’s license, national ID card, passport, or NIN number.

5. When the recruitment process starts, candidates who meet the aforementioned standards will be pre-selected for physical verification.

Is Amotekun Recruitment form out?

Currently, underway is Operation Amotekun Recruitment 2022. On this page, you can get more information about the Southwest Security Service’s employment and how to apply for Amotekun Corps recruiting through the Amotekun website.

Is Oyo State Amotekun form out?

2022–2023 Oyo State Amotekun Recruitment. Do you want to apply for the 2022 Oyo State Amotekun Recruitment? If so, it will show you at the official recruitment portal on how to apply and submit it.

How Much is Amotekun’s Salary

₦50,000. Although the initial monthly compensation for the outfit’s employees was set at 13,500 members.

Also, the hunters’ organization rejected the proposal because they believed it would not encourage the men and women of Operation Amotekun to provide their best effort.

How can I Apply for Ondo State Amotekun?

If you live in Oyo and would like to apply for the Oyo State Amotekun security recruitment, go to to access the Oyo State Amotekun recruitment portal and begin your application.

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