Anambra State Teachers Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form Portal

Teachers Recruitment Board 2022– The Anambra Secondary School Teachers Recruitment portal, now that the application form is available at Here, you’ll find information on the prerequisites, the application process, and how to apply for teaching jobs in the state of Anambra.

About the Anambra Teachers Recruitment Board

The Anambra State Government has launched the Anambra State Teachers Recruitment Form in order to offer jobs to its inhabitants. Qualified applicants can apply and get a position in the teaching industry.

Also, all applicants who meet the qualifications can apply for the job recruitment exercise. Via the website Also, considered for the Anambra State Teachers recruitment.

Therefore, are you considering applying for the 2022 hiring of secondary school teachers in the Anambra state? However, be fully prepared to apply for the Anambra state tescom recruiting. Also, be sure to read every word of this post.

Is Anambra State Government Recruiting Teachers?

By launching the Anambra State Teachers Recruitment Form. Also, qualified individuals can use to apply for jobs in the teaching field. Therefore, the Anambra State Government has decided to create employment for its inhabitants. 2

How do I Apply for the Anambra Ministry of Education?

Therefore, submit the application online via the following portal link below.

Go to Anambra State Government on to apply

1. Click on “Apply Here”

2. You will need to fill in the Anambra State Ministry of Education Google Docs form

3. You are to fill in your correct email address, first name, middle name, surname, phone number, date of birth, and gender state of origin.

4. Afterwards, click next.

5. Fill in your LGA (Select ‘Other’ if LGA is not listed)

6. The next is to select qualifications and subjects to apply for.

7. Afterwards, specify if you have an NYSC certificate/exemption letter
Specify if you got the educational qualification.

8. Upload your passport.

9. Finally, click on submission. (Ensure you cross-check your details before you submit the application)

10. After submitting, you will be told that your response has been recorded.

How Much Does Anambra State Pay Teachers?

In Anambra, a teacher makes, on average, NGN 22,500 a month. Also, the 2 salaries given by a teacher employee in Anambra anonymously to Glassdoor as starting points for the salary estimates.

Therefore, what is the teacher’s highest pay in Anambra? In Anambra, the maximum monthly wage for a teacher is NGN 33,000.

Who is the Ministry of Education in Anambra State?

Kate Azuka Omenugha (born 30 January 1965) is the Commissioner of Basic Education, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Is Anambra State Government Recruiting?

The hiring process for civil officials in the public sector has officially started. However, according to the Anambra state government.

This shows that the application process for the Anambra state government job recruitment is now available, and interested parties can navigate to the platform to do so.

Anambra State Teachers Requirements?

The following requirements and qualifications are needed if you want to apply for any of the vacant positions. Also, you will need to upload some documents to the application portal.

1. Must be 18 years and above


3. National Certificate of Education (NCE).

4. B. SC, HND or OND qualifications and NYSC Certificate.

5. Must be fluent in the English Language.

6. Good Teaching Skills.

7. A B. Sc or Master’s Degree from an accredited Tertiary Institution in any related discipline or an HND Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences, Technology.

8. Additionally, Home Economics and other pertinent courses will be beneficial. Therefore, they may also make use of the Technical Teachers Certificate (TTC) or the Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).

Therefore, if you have questions about the Anambra State Teachers Recruitment 2022, please post them in the comments area below. However, you can also let us know if you require news updates on the recruitment, and we’ll make sure you get them.

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