How to Write Application Letter for Teaching Job

Application letter for teaching job is one of the most favoured professions worldwide is teaching. In Nigeria, they frequently choose to teach as a job since it accommodates a variety of people at various stages of their careers.

Writing an application letter is a requirement for teaching job openings, just like it is for most employment selection processes. 

A thorough application must be submitted whether you’re applying for a job as social studies, math, yoga, or online education teacher at a university or private school. 

A job application letter for a teacher focuses on outlining the candidate’s credentials, educational history, and pertinent work experience. Additionally, the applicant must explain why they are qualified. 

What is an Application Letter?

I knew a formal letter describing your strongest and most pertinent qualifications as an application letter. The recruiter or employer will focus on the talents, abilities, and experience that you discuss in your application letter during the interview.

Before you ever meet with the recruiter, the application letter gives you the chance to persuade them you are the ideal candidate for the position.

Now that you are aware of what an application letter is, let’s move on to some advice on how to write an effective one if you want to work as a teacher in Nigeria.

How to Write an Application Letter for a Teaching Job 

Writing an application letter for a teaching position in Nigeria differs significantly from writing one for other positions and professions. 

This is so that teachers can impact pupils and motivate them to learn more, which calls for excellent communication skills.

These pointers for creating a strong application letter for a teaching position can assist you in introducing yourself to potential employers and connecting your special abilities and expertise to the position you’re applying for.

You Should use the Following Format to Draft a Strong Application Letter for a Position Teaching.

1. Include your address, phone number, and the date first. Send the letter to the recipient.

2. In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and discuss how you learned about the job opening.

3. Describe your training and other credentials that make you the best candidate for the position.

4. Talk about your background in education and your current accomplishments.

5. You may finish on a strong note.

1. Start by Including your Address, Contact Information, and Date.

They must include your address and contact information when drafting your cover letter for a teaching position. If you provide your address and phone number in your application letter, it will be simple for employers to contact you.

Your contact details and your address should look like this in your application letter:

23 Rogers Lane,

Williams Estates,


26th January 2022.

After your address, you must also enter the schools. In your cover letter, it should also read as follows:

Susan Peters

Head Teacher/School Administrator,

Great Height International School.

Ikeja, Lagos.

2. Address the Letter to the Right Person

When you are looking for a teaching position in Nigeria, you must address your application letter to the person. 

In your application letter, it is preferable to address the individual directly rather than using the salutations “Hiring Manager” or “to whom it may concern.”

To discover the individual to address your application letter to, conduct some research. For information on who to contact, go to the school’s website. To find out who is in charge of recruitment, you can also get in touch with the institution.

3. In the First Paragraph, Introduce Yourself and Discuss how you Learned about the Job Opening.

Introduce yourself at the beginning of your application letter. You can begin by mentioning where you saw the job posting before moving on to explain why you are interested in the role. Additionally, describe what makes you the greatest applicant for the job.

In order to help the recruiter better understand who you are and how you fit within the company, you can also include details about yourself.

4. Talk about your Education and other Certifications that Make you the Best Person for the Job.

Since teaching is a profession, your educational background and professional credentials play a meaningful role in determining whether they will hire you. Every employer wants to hire a teacher who is both competent and certified to teach.

It is wise of you to discuss your schooling in your cover letter so the company will have a better understanding of your qualifications. Additionally, if the school has a good reputation, you might mention your grades or the name of the university you attended before graduating.

You might also discuss how you developed an interest in education. The employer will get a better idea of who you are and how you fit the job through this.

5. Talk about your Experience in Teaching and the Achievements that you Have Gotten so far.

Your experience is vital while trying to land a job as a teacher in Nigeria. The employer will have a better understanding of your teaching experience if you mention it in your application letter.

You can describe your experience so that the employer can see how your career has developed. Even if you haven’t taught before, you can still discuss any teaching-related experiences you’ve had.

For instance, if you have expertise working with a corporate organisation’s learning and development department, you can discuss your time there. Always highlight your most proud accomplishments when discussing your teaching career.

6. You can Talk about your Teaching Methods and Principles.

It’s nice that you describe your preferred teaching style, and what you stand for as a teacher reveals more about you as a person. 

Include information about how you developed the principles you uphold when instructing students.

You can also list some qualities that make you an excellent instructor. Additionally, you can explain to the employer what teaching methods work best with the students you want to work with.

7. You May Finish on a Strong Note.

You should thank the reader for considering you for the position as you end your letter on a courteous and pleasant note. 

You can specify whether you want to phone the hiring manager or email, as well as details about how you want to follow up.

The recruiter or employer should have a positive image of your application letter after the last paragraph.

Application Letter for a Teaching Job in Nigeria

You can use this sample as a template to create your own application letters for teaching jobs in Nigeria. You might use this example as inspiration while attempting to compose your application letter.

Abel Adams

089 (0100) (020)

[email protected]

23 Rogers Lane,

Mende Estates,


27th November 2022.


Susan Peters,

Head Teacher/School Administrator,

Great Height International School.

Ikeja, Lagos.


Dear MRS Victory,


In response to the opening for a class teacher at Great Height International School, I am submitting this letter of application. I graduated with a second-class degree from the College of Education in Lagos, and I have over two years of experience instructing students in both primary and secondary schools. I think that my enthusiasm for literacy in remote areas qualifies me for a teaching position at your school.

I’ve had professional and training experience instructing pupils in secondary schools. At the beginning of my profession, I worked as a teaching assistant and a student teacher. Having served as a National Youth Service Corps education coordinator in the past. I’ve also had experience instructing children in elementary school. I see from the job description that your school serves students from both urban and rural settings. I believe that my familiarity with the neighbourhood will make me a strong contender.

According to my research, one advantage your school has over other institutions is the way it motivates students to take part in community development initiatives. I attempt to include my enthusiasm for creating a safer environment in my lesson preparations. In my previous position, I oversaw a group of secondary school students who were tasked with planting trees throughout the campus. I’d like to consider how I may include community development in my courses.

I’m looking forward to combining my years of expertise with my capacity to be a kind, passionate, and enthused educator to positively impact your school and the larger community.

I appreciate you taking the opportunity for consideration, and I look forward to talking with you more about it. I will be pleased to address any other inquiries you may have.


Abel Adams.

Application for Position as a Professor’s Teaching Assistant

Subject: Job Application for Teaching Assistant Position

Dear Dr./Prof. {Name of Person}

I noticed the announcement you made about the need for a Teaching Assistant for the Name of Class/Paper in the forthcoming semester, and I would like to apply for the position.

In my final year of graduate school, I am researching the topic. Your course covers material that applies to my research topic and includes papers that I previously read while I was an undergraduate. 

Last semester, I also worked as a teaching assistant (TA) for [Name of Professor], where I showed I could set up and grade assignments, tutor students, and tutor students. Additionally, this job will allow me to work under your direction and gain a lot from the experience.

Please find my resume, a letter of recommendation from the Name of Professor, and a list of the pertinent presentations and publications I have contributed, included. I aspire to be chosen for the position. I appreciate your time.


Your Name

Year and Department

Your Mobile Number

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