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Do you wish to know the biggest church in the world with many sacred materials and spectacular architectural styles? However, there can be found in large church structures all throughout the world. Following are the ten largest churches in the world.

Around the world, there are distinctive structures that occasionally go overlooked. Magical locations commemorate historical events and serve as a constant reminder of how superior humans are. The largest churches on earth reflect the development of man.

Many of these largest cathedrals in the world serve as models or showcases for many artistic disciplines. Baroque, Romanesque, and Gothic Cathedrals contain examples of most artistic movements, adding to their historical significance and aesthetic appeal.

Check out the Top 10 Biggest Church in the World

In order to inform you of some of the largest churches in the world that are unquestionably worthwhile visiting and learning about, we have created this page. This is our ranking.

1. St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, 15160 Square Meters

The biggest cathedral in the world is St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Its internal space measures 15160 square meters and it is 186 meters long. The cathedral’s majestic central dome is 136 meters tall. 

The most important church in Roman Catholicism is St. Peter’s Basilica. Twenty thousand people can pray at once in the enormous cathedral.

Emperor Constantine began construction on the cathedral’s original structure in 320 AD. Pope Nicolas V gave it a new look and increased its size in the fifteenth century.

2. Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida, Aparecida, Brazil, 12000 Square Meters

With a floor area of 12,000 square meters, the Basilica of Our Lady of Aparecida is the second-largest church in the world. It is in Aparecida and is the most meaningful Marian pilgrimage site in Brazil. they can accommodate 45000 worshipers in the big church.

According to legend, a group of fishermen discovered a headless statue of the Virgin Mary in the Paraiba River in 1717 while out fishing. 

On a subsequent cast of the nets, they also lift the statue’s head. They brought the statue of the Virgin Mary inside. In 1945, they placed the sculpture within the shrine.

3. Seville Cathedral, Seville, Spain, 11520 Square Meters

The largest cathedral in the world is in the Spanish city of Seville. The interior of the cathedral is 11520 square meters. 

It is also the third-largest church in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Spain. Christopher Columbus, a famous Genoese explorer, is buried in the cathedral.

To honour the city’s wealth and influence, they constructed the cathedral. On the site of the Almohad mosque, they built the cathedral between 1402 and 1528 as a symbol of the city’s sovereignty following the Moorish conquest of Iberia.

4. Cathedral of Saint John The Divine, New York, United States, 11200 Square Meters

The largest Anglican cathedral in the world is Saint John, the Divine Cathedral in New York City. The gigantic cathedral is 183.2 meters long and has an interior space of 112000 square meters. 

Beginning in 1892, we built the cathedral. George Heins and Christopher Grant Lafarge, two renowned American architects, handled the original design.

They spent over 20 years in the cathedral’s choir and dome construction. New architects picked the Gothic style for the cathedral after George Heins’ passing.

5. Milan Cathedral, Milan, Italy, 10186 Square Meters

The second-largest Catholic cathedral in the world is in Milan, Italy. It is also among the best displays of Gothic design. The church features 135 spires. They also placed statues of important figures from Italian history atop the spires.

The Milan Cathedral’s tallest spire measures 108.8 meters in height. Another addition to the tower is a golden statue of the Virgin Mary (Milan the Madonnia).

Beginning in 1386, work on the Milan Cathedral continued for the next five centuries. The enormous cathedral, which is 157 meters long, can house 40.000 worshipers at once.

6. Basilica of Our Lady Of Lichen, Konin, Poland, 10090 Square Meters

One of the biggest cathedrals in the world, the Basilica of Our Lady of Lichen, has a ground area of 10090 square meters and a height of 141.2 meters. 

This stunning chapel is in the Polish city of Konin. They built the church for over ten years, beginning in 1994.

There are 33 steps leading up to the church that symbolise Jesus Christ’s childhood. The 365 windows, 52 doors, and 12 columns in this church represent the number of days and weeks in a year and the twelve apostles, respectively.

7. Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 9687 Square Meters

The Liverpool cathedral is the biggest cathedral in the UK, with an internal area of 9687 square kilometres. Liverpool Cathedral is also the world’s longest cathedral, measuring over 189 meters. 

A church that is 101 meters tall without a steeple. The Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King is another name for the substantial cathedral.

The building of Liverpool Cathedral began in 1904 and was completed over the course of its historical development. In 1978, the Liverpool cathedral received its formal dedication. Inside the church, there is a circular main altar.

8. Church of the Holy Trinity, Santarem, Portugal, 8700 Square Meters

The largest church in Portugal is the Holy Trinity Church. It is in Portugal’s Santarem area. This church’s interior measures 8700 square meters and has a contemporary oval form. 9000 people can congregate in the big church at once.

However, the Virgin Mary is honoured in this church. Greek architect Alexandros Tombazis constructed the structure between 2004 and 2007. This church also has 44 confessionals and various chapels.

9. Basilica of Our Lady of Pillar, Aragon, Spain, 8318 Square Meters

The earliest ever church to be dedicated to the Virgin Mary is the El Pilar basilica in the Spanish hamlet of Argon. 

Some people believe that as the apostle Saint James was praying on the bank of the Ebro River in the Iberian Peninsula of Spain, the Virgin Mary came to him.

The Virgin Mary presented a wooden and pillared statue of herself. She then gave him the go-ahead to erect a church. Saint James constructed a tiny church near Zaragoza in the first century AD after receiving her instructions.

10. Ulm Minster, Ulm, Germany, 8260 Square Meters

The highest church in the world is the Ulm Minster in Ulm, Germany, which stands at 161.5 meters. The interior space of this church is 8260 square meters. Additionally, it is a superb illustration of Gothic church design. 

To get to the pinnacle of the church, there are 768 steps. The church gives a stunning 360-degree view of Ulm from its top floor.

This church’s construction was begun in 1377 but was put on hold for a very long time. We finally finished it on May 31st, 1890. They turned it into a protestant church in the sixteenth century. The church’s lofty spires represent the ladder to heaven.

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