How to Check GLO Number with a USSD Code 2023

Are you eager to know how to check the GLO number using the USSD code in Nigeria? Here is the best and simplest method how to check your phone number on Glo for free.

Here’s a chance for you to learn about your Glo number today because you’ll need to tell people about it, eventually.

Your mobile phone numbers do not need to be kept in your phone book or written down in a paper copy notebook. Your phone makes it simple to access your Glo number.

How to Check Glo Number in Nigeria

Because its airtime call rates and data bundles are less expensive than some networks, Glo is one of the top networks in Nigeria. Use one of the following choices to find out how to check your Glo number:

1. Call a four-digit number. 

2. Use a multi-network USSD code for confirming a Glo number. 

3. Confirm your Glo tariff plan. 

4. Call your phone contacts.

For many income earners, Glo Network is the greatest. Most of its customers choose the lowest-priced tariffs in order to save money. As a result, the clientele of the business grows every year. 

Additionally, you need to know that Glo Mobile offers 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile networks. In the real world, 5G might deliver browsing and download rates that are 10 to 20 times quicker.

How to Know your GLO Number

See how to know your GLO number by calling or by USSD. See steps below.

1. How to Know my Glo Number by Calling a Four-Digit Number

Call 1244 after inserting your Glo sim card and turning on your phone. Glo will send you an activation code, and an artificial voice will read your phone number aloud, digit by digit.

2. How to Check Number on Glo using a Multi-Network USSD Code

Dial *135*8# to quickly check my Glo number if you’re curious how to do so. The phone number with the country code will appear on the screen of your mobile device. Consequently, change 234 to 0 (e.g. 23408045654321 to 08045654321). 

This is also a quick and easy technique to discover how to check your Glo phone number. Regardless of your sim card from a telecom provider, you can use this strategy. It makes no difference if the line is from Glo, MTN, 9Mobile, or Airtel.

3. Here is How to Check my Number on Glo by Confirming my Tariff Plan

Verify the price plan to find out how to get my Glo number. After inserting your Glo sim card, turning on your phone, and follow these directions.

1. Dial *777# on your device. 

2. Select 4 (My tariff plan). 

3. Select 3 (My number). 

4. Your phone will display your Glo number on the screen. 

4. Call or Text your Phone Contacts

After inserting your Glo sim card and turning on your phone, contact anyone who is close to you by calling or texting. The number that shows up on their phone is your Glo number.

This is the quickest method for locating your cellphone number across all networks, however you should take caution because disclosing your information to strangers could cause criminals finding out.

You can SMS or call to check your number if you are far away from someone. They suggested you consider alternative possibilities.


A three-minute or less automatic process will check your Glo number. Learn how to verify Glo numbers utilising the many techniques described above because none of them will cost you any money for data or credit bundles. Share if you find this article interesting.

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