Fire Service Recruitment 2023 Application Portal

Applications for the Federal Fire Service Recruitment 2022 are now available. Visit to access the Federal Fire Service Recruitment Portal and the FFS Online Recruitment Form. Here, you can submit an application for a job with the Federal Fire Service.

Fire Service Recruitment Guidelines

However, the Federal Fire Service Recruitment period. See the instructions for applying. Consequently, the Federal Fire Service Recruitment 2023 application form, the application process, and all other relevant information.

Website for Federal Fire Service recruitment, information on how to apply, and where to get the application form. Additionally, you can apply for jobs with the Federal Fire Service on their website and receive a shortlist.

And perhaps most importantly, there is no fee to join the Federal Fire Service. If you intend to apply for any open employment with the Federal Fire Service, keep this in mind (Federal Fire Service).

How to Apply for Federal Fire Service

You can apply for positions with the Federal Fire Service and get shortlisted via the website

And perhaps most importantly, there is no fee to join the Federal Fire Service. Additionally, bear this in mind if you intend to submit an application for any open posts with the Federal Fire Service (Federal Fire Service).

Is Federal Fire Service Recruiting now?

For the class of 2022, the Federal Fire Service (FFS) is currently hiring. The FFS employment website ( 

To help you find work, this post will include the FFS 2022 recruitment form as well as other relevant information.

How Much is Nigeria Fire Service Salary?

The Federal Fire Service’s various ranks are listed in the table below. Also included are the potential yearly salaries for each of the mentioned positions.



Chief Inspector


Deputy Chief Inspector


Assistant Chief Inspector


Principal Marshall Inspector


Senior Marshall Inspector


Marshall Inspector I(MI-I)


Marshall Inspector II(MI-II)


Marshall Inspector III(MI-III)


Chief Fire Marshall Assistant(CFMA)


Deputy Fire Marshall Assistant(DFMA)


Senior Fire Marshall Assistant(SFMA)


Fire Marshall Assistant I(FMA-I)


Fire Marshall Assistant II(FMA-II)


Fire Marshall Assistant III(FMA-III)


Departments of the Federal Fire Service

To ensure that the Federal Fire Service performs its duty correctly, they divide it into departments. The Federal Fire Service consists of seven (7) departments, including:

1. Admin and Supply

2. The investigation, Inspectorate, and Enforcement

3. Disaster Management

4. Policy Planning, Research, and Statistics

5. Operations

6. National Fire Academy

7. Finance & Account

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