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Check out Hotmail login which is now Outlook, that replaced Hotmail. Here are some answers if you’re having trouble signing in to your, Hotmail, Live, or MSN email account or are unsure of how to sign in or sign out.

Microsoft’s previous messaging system, Hotmail, formerly known as, has been revamped and is now available to all users in its 2017 edition. 

Like all the versions before it, this most recent edition also includes several brand-new features, particularly in the connection procedure.

2012 saw the rebranding of Hotmail to We knew that Hotmail’s days were limited even though it was still only in testing. Something prominently introduced a new interface along with this modification, emphasising the Metro aesthetic.

How to Signup Hotmail 

However, you will be taken to a homepage screen with the Link after you type or into your browser window. 

The user will be required to input his personal information, including his username (email address, Skype name, or even phone number), and password on the connection interface.

The Following is a Step-by-Step Explanation of the Procedure:

1. You’ll need to enter your first and last names first.

2. Also, your date of birth must be entered in order to verify your identity afterwards.

3. The next step is to provide information about your gender.

4. The next step is to select a Microsoft account name. It can be anything, such as [email protected] or un [email protected], but first we must check or confirm that the username is available.

5. We construct a password to access your account after making sure the name is accessible, and we then confirm it.

6. We include a phone number and a backup email address so that you may easily retrieve your password if you lose it or forget it.

7. Also, the nationality must be mentioned.

8. In order to prove that we are not a robot, we must also successfully complete the captcha.

9. To accept all the terms of service and its rules, we click “I agree.”

Hotmail Login From Windows

The most popular operating system in the world that meets this description is “Windows,” thus we must also mention it in this article because it uses a similar technique and by default has a section for email. 

1. To access this area for the first time, follow the instructions below.

2. Click “Get Started” in Windows 10s “Mail” after opening it.

3. Select “+ Add account” from the menu.

4. Choose “Outlook” from the menu (In which Hotmail is included)

5. Click “Login” after providing your Hotmail account information.

6. Enjoy the Windows service.

Hotmail Profile Picture

good tidings Users of Hotmail can now link their photo to their profile at Goodbye grayish outmoded, you are no longer represented by the people who have always appeared in your mails.

You must adhere to these simple guidelines in order to fully benefit from this change:

Go to your name in the top right corner of the interface as the first step in this image update. alter profile After selecting “Edit profile,” select “Edit image.” Change the image

There will be a ” Choose File ” option on a new page that will emerge. You can then choose whatever photographs to upload and resize the photo to your liking. Keep in mind to save this modification for Hotmail synchronisation.

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