How to Buy Shares in Nigeria

How to buy shares in Nigeria which investors used to have a nightmare with trading securities on the Nigerian capital market. Trying to purchase shares in Nigeria disappointed millions of investors. Here I’ll show you where you can get a good stock to buy. Read on.

What are Stocks?

Stocks are ownership units in a publicly traded firm, and the terms “shares” and “equities” are frequently used interchangeably. Therefore, owners are referred to as shareholders, and they may vote as well as earn dividends, which are periodical interest payments on investments.

Before attempting to purchase shares in Nigeria, every prospective investor must have a thorough understanding of how the Nigerian stock exchange operates. 

A shareholder who possesses stock in a firm has the same authority as the number of shares he or she owns in that company.

How to buy Shares in Nigeria Fast and Easy 

Purchasing shares on the Nigerian stock exchange today is as easy as making a transaction. Instead of using the conventional framework, buying stock through an internet brokerage firm is much simpler and less expensive.

1. Find a Stockbroker that Matches your Investment Goals

Finding a broker to work with to invest with is the first step for anyone wishing to purchase shares in Nigeria. They connected the stock exchange and private investors through stockbrokers.

As a result, picking a stockbroker would not be a tough task, provided that the investor is aware of their investment objectives.

Before opening an account with a stockbroker, it is essential to confirm that they are SEC-licensed. Check their brokerage fees as well to see whether they fit inside your spending limits.

2. Register and Create an Account with your Preferred Brokerage Company

After carefully selecting a broker, the following action is to open an account with them. Similar to opening an account with a business bank, the difference is that people can trade stocks using the money they deposit in the account. 

Depending on the company and compliance with KYC regulations, opening an account with a broker can take anywhere from three hours to two days

Processing online brokerage accounts are quicker. To open a verified brokerage account, you must:

Bank reference number (BVN)

Evidence of address (utility bills such as water bills and electricity bills). Keep in mind that for it to be valid, it must have been completed only three months before submission.

A legal, recognised form of identification issued by the government (passport, national identity card)

A pair of coloured passport photos.

Certificate of Incorporation granted by CAC (for corporate bodies).

3. Fund your Account

You’d need to fill out your account after setting up a confirmed one with a brokerage. Trading would be done with this money. Direct bank transfers from your bank to some brokers’ banks are permitted.

You can download a broker’s app to your phone or computer to learn more about their services and to make trading simpler. The software serves as the trading platform for online brokers. 

As a result, you must download the version of their program that works with your gadget. This will make it simpler for you to keep tabs on your trading and stock price changes.

4. Start Trading

When purchasing shares in Nigeria, this is an essential step. Prior to making an investment, you should have a firm understanding of the securities. However, each investment carries risk is the cause. 

For instance, they advised it to first seek advice from an expert or at least do research and analyze the trading history of the firm if an investor purchases and holds shares of company ABC.

5. Manage your Investment Portfolio

After successfully purchasing shares on the Nigerian stock exchange, the final process begins. It involves monitoring price changes in your trading account and choosing whether to purchase, sell, or hold shares.

Everyone who trades stocks does so in order to generate income, whether that income is long- or short-term. 

However, holding sufficient shares and gaining future voting rights in a corporation is a further justification. Your investment management strategy will be based on whatever goals you have for your money.

What App can I use to Buy Shares in Nigeria?

Top 8 Apps for Buying Shares in Nigeria

1. NGX’s Primary Offer App The Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) developed the main offer app as a digital tool to help investors interact with the Nigerian market.

2. Trove. 


4. Bamboo Invest. 

5. Piggyvest. 

6. Payvest by Carbon. 

7. Rise. 

8. Afrinvest.

Can I Buy Nigerian Stocks Online?

You can open online options through a stock brokerage company or broker. One can trade securities or any other type of investment product online by using an online broker.

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