How to Check Etisalat Data Balance

Here’s how to check Etisalat data balance. Thankfully, it is quite easy and uncomplicated. To check your Etisalat data balance, simply dial the code.

People forget things, of course, but thanks to the internet and the web, they can easily recall what was forgotten by simply typing a few phrases into a Google search.

There are many advantages to checking your 9mobile data plan balance on Airtel, Glo, or MTN. You can learn the following thanks to it:

1. Know how many data is still available.

2. Be aware of when your data expires, etc.

Knowing the aforementioned advantages will enable you to discover how to save and conserve the remaining data. Knowing the expiration date also enables you to easily renew the data or proceed with completion.

See How to Check Etisalat Data Balance

You may check your Etisalat data balance and usage by dialling *121*170#. My Etisalat UAE app also allows you to monitor your data balance.

You can text BAL to 228 to get the data balance or enter *228# or *232# on your phone to check your Etisalat data balance.

All you need to do is download the software from the app store on your phone, which is available for iOS or Android. On the app, register with your phone number.

How do I Check my Minutes on Etisalat Postpaid?

By dialling the free USSD code *142# from your phone, you can easily check your postpaid balance.

What you Should know About Etisalat to 9mobile

Etisalat has come under intense pressure because of unpaid debt. They speculated even though banks took over the company, the CBN and NCC stepped in to save the network service provider.

First off, the Emirates Telecommunications Group Company (Etisalat Group) owes major Nigerian banks $1.72 billion (about N541.8 billion) that it had borrowed in 2015. CBN once more came to their rescue.

We weren’t sure what had happened, but Etisalat decided to permanently depart Nigeria, where customers now receive a 10x recharge bonus.

Following the three-week period, Etisalat left the nation, and the business changed its name to “9Mobile.” However, nothing has ever been the same because, according to every NCC statistic, their consumer base is declining.

How can I get More Data on Etisalat Postpaid? 

You can get more data through: 

1. My Etisalat UAE app 

2. By dialling *140# or *101# 

3. By dialling 125 

What is the Code to Check Data Balance?

Using USSD to Check Data Balance

Dial *228# on your device to see the balance.

How can I Check my Data?

Check Data Usage From an Android Device

Go to Settings > Connections > Data Consumption on your Android device to view your current month’s usage. 

The quantity of cellular data you’ve used ‌and your billing period are both displayed on the screen. On this screen, you may also establish a mobile data cap.

How can I Check my Mobile Balance?

Using a UPI app is the quickest and most efficient way to check the balance of your bank account on your phone. You can accomplish this by downloading any UPI app from the Play shop or App store. 

Once it is downloaded on your mobile, start the registration process. Enter the registered mobile number for the bank, then select “create OTP.”

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