How to Create an Email Account

Having an email address is now essential in any business. I will show you how to create an email account, which is now a crucial component of online marketing and communication. 

Having a unique email address can be very beneficial since many organisations still use emails to communicate with partners and prospective clients.

A professional email address is one that uses your company name as the domain, such as [email protected] rather than [email protected]. It promotes your brand and establishes credibility with your target market immediately.

You may develop an effective email marketing campaign by following the instructions in this article on how to create emails and how to set up email clients to manage emails effectively.

5 Easy Steps on How to Create an Email Account

We’ll give you some advice on how to make an email address that will advertise your company and inspire confidence.

1. Register a Domain Name

Registering a domain name is the first step in creating a professional mail address. In the email address, your registered domain name will appear after the @ sign, as in [email protected].

You may find original domains for your website and business with Hostinger’s domain checker. Additionally, we provide domain registration starting at just $0.99 per year, or even free with one of our hosting services!

Enter the desired domain name and press the Search button. The system will provide a list of domains. If none of the choices appeals to you, is innovative by using a domain name generator.

2. Choose an Email Hosting Provider

Choose an email host or a hosting firm that runs and offers email servers to users, now that the domain name is prepared. Email hosting companies allow users to send, receive, and store emails on their servers.

Email hosting services are available from Hostinger starting at $0.99 per month. Users of these services have access to specialised tools for setting up and managing business email accounts.

There are Two Hosting Packages Offered:

$0.99 per month for business email. A system for sending emails that includes collaboration and reminder features to help users achieve their email marketing objectives. This package comes with 50 email aliases, 10 GB of email storage, antivirus scanning, multi-device compatibility, and cutting-edge anti-spam software.

Business email costs $2.49 per month. A more sophisticated method for larger companies to develop their email marketing and create professional brands. They included all the features of the business email plan in this hosting package, including 30 GB of email storage, 50 email aliases, and unlimited email filters.

3. Set Up the Email Services

The methods to set it up and establish an email may vary slightly depending on the email service provider you choose. It will cover how to begin using your email service plan in the sections that follow.

Hostinger Email

All of our web hosting packages come standard with Hostinger email addresses. All that is required is that your domain is pointed correctly. Once you’ve taken care of it, use your CPanel dashboard to register a free email account and use many other associated services.

Go to Emails -> Email Accounts to add and create a new email address. Click Add new email account from there.

Click the Create button after entering a strong password for the username. As soon as you establish a new custom email address, it should show up in the Manage Email Accounts area.

4. Configure the Email Addresses

Once your company email is configured and additional users have been added, make each email address more professional-looking. 

You’ll need a customised business email account because successful campaigns incorporate personalisation. Include your entire name, followed by the name of your firm or business.

Several general-purpose email addresses, such as [email protected] or [email protected], should be created as well. These mailboxes take in and record client inquiries.

They can click it to display a list of currently open email accounts. Click on the business email account you wish to personalise to proceed.

5. Set Up an Email Client

A program or application known as an email client allows users to send and receive emails directly from a variety of devices, including desktop computers and mobile phones. 

It collaborates seamlessly with an email server. The two components’ definitions frequently overlap because of this.

They store all emails from the internet on email servers, which run email server software. They may be associated with a webmail provider, hosting firm, or internet service provider. Its purpose is to link users with email servers in the interim.

Utilizing an email client will help you work more productively by allowing you to manage all of your emails in one location. In order to increase efficiency, email clients frequently offer connectors with a variety of programs, including Dropbox and Google Calendar.

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