How to Share Data on Airtel? In a Simple Step

Do you need instructions on how to share data on airtel? It is not a challenging procedure. Learn how to use Airtel’s Me2U service, which enables users to send data from one Airtel line to another regardless of location.

Check out Steps on How to Share Data on Airtel 

Me2U, commonly known as Airtel Internet Share, is a unique service that enables one Airtel customer to express their affection for another customer by sharing a portion of their current data allotment.

However, this means that as long as we connect them to the Airtel network, you can purchase a bundle and share it with your family, friends, or even coworkers. 

Me2U Registration 

You do not need to register for the Airtel Me2U service if you are an Airtel user, because every active line can use the service. 

Simply replace the standard PIN that came with the line with a more unique and secure PIN that is simple for you to remember but challenging for anyone else to guess.

How to Share Data on Airtel Nigeria Network 2022

In this section, we’ll walk you through the procedures to buy data for someone else or share data with another Airtel customer. To exchange data on the Airtel Network, follow these steps:

1. Dial *141# on your Airtel phone

2. Choose 8 as your response

3. Select option 2 for data gifting or 4 for Me2U (Transfer Data), depending on what you want to do.

4. For option 3, select the option to send Me2U from the existing allowance. Enter the recipient’s number and type the amount of MB you want to share with the person, e.g. 500 and press send to complete the transfer.

For option 2, select the data plan you wish to gift the person and enter the person’s phone number. Make sure you have enough airtime that will complete the data gifting.

Data Gifting: With this format, you can use any of the current Airtel data plans to purchase data for your friends and family. We will deduct the cost from your airtime, but they will not charge the recipient of the data for it.

Me 2 U: By doing this, you can distribute data from your already active data bundle on your Airtel line. You can send information from your balance to another user on the Airtel Nigeria network in this manner. 

The recipient will continue to have access to the transferred funds in their wallet after the transfer. One individual can only receive data at a time.

Also, you can dial *141*6*2# for Airtel data gifting or *141*3# for sharing data on Airtel Network. This method is much faster.

How to Borrow Data from Airtel The Airtel Credit Loan Service 

Permits Airtel subscribers to borrow data. Customers who qualify for the service can borrow data on credit and repay it when they recharge.

Eligible customers for Airtel Borrow Data include: Airtel prepaid customers with a registered SIM Customers who have paid up any previous loan and associated charges they also considered Customers based on monthly recharge frequency and average spend 

You can find out if you qualify by contacting *500#. In order to be qualified for the service, you must recharge at least N100 per month if you are not eligible.

How can I Share 1GB Data on Airtel?

Here is how to share internet data on Airtel:

You can also call *129*101#. Now type in your Airtel mobile number to log in using your OTP. You will be able to move your Airtel internet data from one mobile number to another after completing the OTP. Select “Share Airtel data” from the menu now.

How can I Share my Airtel Data with Family?

Data Me2U (also known as Data Share): You can “share” or “transfer” to another customer the data allowance from a data bundle that has already been purchased. 

Therefore, if you have a 1.5GB Monthly plan, for instance, you can transfer 100MB to another subscriber. Simply dial *141# and choose the Me2U or Gifting option to share/transfer data.

Keep in mind that Me2U allows you to share bundles that you have already purchased, but the Gifting service enables you to use your airtime to purchase bundles for someone else. Continue reading for more informative guides.

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