How To Share Data On Glo Network Instantly in 2022

How to Share Data on Glo today, we’ll go over some advice for quickly sharing data on the Glo Network. We know that Glo Network is regarded as the king of data. Many of their tariff options and affordable data plans feature free data after recharging airtime.

Glo Data Share enables you, as a subscriber, to swiftly and easily transfer your data using a straightforward USSD code. 

Follow along as I describe how to use the Globalcom network to share info with family and friends.

See How to Share Data on Glo

Data exchange Your data plans are available to share with loved ones, family, and friends. Instead of purchasing four separate data plans, you may purchase one and share it with your wife, two children, and yourself with Glo data transfer. 

On the Glo network, you can only share your data package with ‌five individuals. 

Anyone you share with receives a text message alert and has instant access to the internet. Data transfer for Glo can be done in three different methods.

How to Share Data on Glo to Glo offline 

By adhering to the guidelines below, you can share offline as well:

To add people to share, dial *127*01*[friend’s number]# or Send “Share [friend’s number]” to 127 e.g. Dial *127*01*0805XXXXXXX# or Send Share 0805XXXXXXX to 127.

To remove people from sharing, dial *127*02*[friend’s number]# OR Send “Remove [friend’s number]” to 127 e.g. Dial *127*02*0805XXXXXXX# or Send Remove 0805XXXXXXX to 127.

To list people sharing your subscription, dial *127*00# or send “List” to 127.

How do I Share and Unshare Glo Data?

How can I stop sharing my Glo data? Dial *127*02*[friend’s number]# or text “Remove [friend’s number]” to 127 to remove a number from the list of numbers you presently share your Glo data with.

How do I Check my Glo Data Beneficiary?

By using SMS, you can see who is sharing your info on Glo.

Send the word “LIST” to 127 using the messaging app. The list of numbers on your Glo data sharing will be sent to you as an SMS.

Can I Share Data From Glo to MTN?

I want you to know that there is not a single Nigerian network that will permit you to move data to a different network. 

We have already observed the popularity and possibility of sharing data among Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, and MTN network users.

How can I see my Glo Number?

Put your Glo sim card in your phone, turn it on, and follow these instructions.

1. Dial *777# on your device.

2. Select 4 (My tariff plan).

3. Select 3 (My number).

4. Your phone will display your Glo number on the screen.

Does Glo App Give Free Data?

What advantages do I get from using Glo 22X? You’ll appreciate 3 months of FREE data up to 5GB each month! On every N100 recharge, you must pay a staggering 22 times the value (2,200%) to contact ALL NETWORKS.

You can visit this website for further details if you’d want to learn more about the Glo network. Moreover, you may post a comment in the space provided below.

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