How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel

How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel sim and lack the knowledge necessary to transfer Airtel airtime to a different Airtel line? Do you want to provide extra Airtel minutes to other customers?

Do you possess an Airtel sim and lack the knowledge necessary to transfer Airtel airtime to a different Airtel line? This post will show you how to accomplish it, so it’s really not that tough.

Airtel continues to be one of Nigeria’s biggest telecommunications networks, with about 60 million members.

All Airtel users can transfer or share credit or data to friends, family, and well-wishers with the aid of the Airtel Transfer codes. Mostly, business centres sell their customers available credit by using the Airtel transfer method.

Things to Know on How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel

Now that you know how to transfer credit on Airtel, let me be quite clear about something. Because of the irreversibility of ME2U transactions, you must handle them with the utmost care.

Before beginning and completing transactions, double-check the number to prevent sending it to the incorrect one.

Additionally, you can always call the Airtel customer service number using 111 for immediate help if you somehow forget your ME2U PIN along the way.

How to Transfer Credit on Airtel Lines:

To borrow data on your Airtel Line, simply follow these steps:

1. Dial *432# on the line you want to transfer from\

2. Select transfer Airtime

3. Enter the number of the recipient

4. Input your Me2U pin

5. Confirm your transfer by replying with 1

Besides the manner mentioned above, you can also transfer airtime by texting 2u Phone Number Amount PIN to 432. For instance, if your PIN is 6565 and you wish to transfer N1000, you would send 2u 08012345678 1000 6565 to 432.

How to Change your Default Me2U Transfer Pin

Switch your default PIN to a new one in order to ensure the security of your transactions. To achieve this, take the following actions:

1. In your text message box, write PIN – default PIN – new PIN. That is PIN 0000 6565.

2. Send the message to 432

3. If this is successful, they will send you a message that they have successfully changed your PIN to 6565

4. You can then transfer your credit to anyone on the Airtel Mobile network.

Airtel Credit me Service

However, you can request airtime and pay for your subsequent recharge thanks to the Airtel Credit service. 

You can also ask friends or family members to give you airtime on the Airtel network, which is one of the great things about this service. 

You can therefore ask your friends and family for help if you find yourself in a scenario where you do not have enough airtime to make a crucial call. 

Also, you only need to dial *141*8*recipient number# to accomplish this. After that, the recipient will receive a message from you asking them to recharge you (Please Credit Me).

How to Use Airtel Credit Me Service

Yes, that is the name. The credit Me service is what Airtel customers use to request airtime. An Airtel user can request airtime from a friend or member of their family by using the credit me service.

Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a scenario where you don’t have enough credit to make a call but you need to make one right away, you may simply ask someone on the network to send you credit by utilising the “Credit Me Service” at no cost.

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