How to Transfer Airtime on MTN (MTN Transfer Code)

Do wish to know how to transfer airtime on MTN to any MTN phone number of your choice in a few simple steps. However, mobile users can effortlessly share their credit by using a single code, finishing the process in a matter of seconds.

See How to Transfer Airtime on MTN

The money you pay to your service providers for their services, such as making phone calls and using the internet, is known as airtime credit

Users in Nigeria can transfer their airtime credits to other customers thanks to capabilities offered by almost all telephone network service providers. 

MTN allows you to transfer airtime to another MTN phone number for any purpose. You can either do it in exchange for money or just to give others what you have.

How to Transfer Airtime on MTN

MTN Share is equivalent to this service. In order to clear up any confusion for users of this service provider, the MTN Share service and the airtime transfer service employ the same procedures.

1. Access to this service is available to all MTN users. You must be informed of the rules that apply to this service, though. Before using this service, postpaid users should consider the terms and conditions.

2. Therefore, it can transfer only amounts stated in Naira. Kobo transactions are not supported, so your credit should look like 50.00 Naira and not 50.29 Naira. 

3. It is possible to send from 50 to 5,000 Naira per transaction. 

4. The daily transfer amount limit is N100,000. Note that you can transfer this amount to only one MTN phone number or to several MTN phone numbers daily. 

5. You can make airtime transfers as many times as you want daily. Only note that your total transfer amount in a day must not exceed N100,000. 

6. Postpaid users on the network can only transfer airtime when the balance in their postpaid account is positive, not negative. For instance, as a postpaid user, you could not transfer credit when you have -N500.00. 

For prepaid customers of the mobile service provider, you can not transfer an airtime credit.

Method to use When doing Transfer on MTN

By transferring credit from one MTN telephone line to another, there are various techniques to apply.

Method 1: 

Transfer by SMS Sends a text message using the short message service to your service provider through 777. 

Send the word “Transfer” to the number 777, followed by the recipient’s phone number, the amount of credit you want to send, and your PIN code.

Let’s say your PIN is 5894 and you want to send 1,000 Naira to the MTN phone at 08035555555. Enter the following text into your device: Send 08035555555 1000 5894. Just email it right now to 777.

Once the text message is sent, you will get a confirmation request from the network provider. The word ‘YES’ must be sent to the same number 777 to complete this operation. 

Method 2: 

USSD-based transfer This process is quite easy. All you need to do is call *777*, then the recipient’s phone number, the desired amount, your PIN, and the # sign.

Again, enter *777*08035555555*1000*5894# if you want to transfer 1,000 Naira to an MTN phone line with the number 08035555555 and your PIN is 5894. After dialling the code, press the end or OK button on your device.

What is the Default PIN for the MTN Transfer?

What is the default transfer pin for MTN? The four-digit code 0000 serves as the standard transfer PIN that MTN Nigeria issues to all of its customers. 

However, for security reasons, a customer must alter the 0000 code to a unique 4-digit code before using the share n sell service to transfer or send airtime.

How do I Activate MTN Share and Sell?

Using MTN Share and Sell code

Dial *777*recipient’s number*amount*PIN# on your cell phone, then send or press OK. For example, dial *777*08031234567*1500*1234# and then send OK. You will receive an SMS confirming the transfer once we have completed it.

How can I Transfer More than 1GB on MTN?

Yes, the beneficiary’s phone number must be an MTN phone number in any service class.

MTN SME Data Share FAQs.

USSD FormatSMS Format to send to 131 to share dataComment
*461*NUMBER*1000*PIN#SMEC <PhoneNumber> 1000 <PIN> to 131SMS to transfer 1GB

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