Lagos State Health Service Commission Recruitment 2022

The health service commission is presently applying online using the LSHSC recruiting 2022 site. The application is available. On this page, you can find more information on how to apply for the Lagos State Health Service Commission’s recruitment via the LSHSC recruitment portal. 

Health Service Commission Update

We would like to let everyone know that the LSHSC recruiting portal for 2022 is now accepting applications. The Lagos State Health Service Commission invites qualified and interested healthcare professionals to apply if they want to develop and grow their careers at LSHSC.

We will walk you through the entire application process, including how to fill out the Lagos State Health Service Commission’s application form effectively and with no problems.

Take this guide seriously because it contains all the information you require completing the registration procedure.

Available Positions for the Health Service Commission

The following posts in Government Hospitals throughout the State are empty, and the Lagos State Health Service Commission, the State’s human resources agency for secondary healthcare facilities, is inviting applications from suitable individuals.

1. Surgery

2. Medicine


4. Radiology

5. Lab Medicine

6. Dentistry

7. Gastroenterologist

8. Paediatric Cardiologist

9. ENT Surgeon

10. Urology

11. Neurosurgery

12. Psychiatry

13. Endocrinology

14. Intensivist

15. Anaesthesia

16. Neurologist

17. Nephrologist

18. Cardiologist

19. Paediatrician

20. Perioperative

21. Accident & Emergency

22. Orthopaedic

23. Nephrology

24. Paediatric

25. Ear, Nose & Throat

26. Intensive Care

27. Cardiothoracic Surgery

28. Paediatric Surgery

29. General Surgery

30. Neonatologist

31. Burns and Plastic Surgery

32. Psychiatry

33. Opthalmology

34. Anaesthesia

35. Cardiothoracic

36. Burns and Plastic Nursing, etc

How to Apply for LSHSC Recruitment

To gain a very detailed and thorough explanation of how to start and complete your application, go to the official LSHSC recruiting portal at and follow the instructions there.

1: STEP 1 – Provide Personal Information

2: STEP 2 – Provide Address Information

3: STEP 3 – Upload required Education Credential

4: STEP 4 – Upload LGA & Government Document

5: STEP 5 – Cover Letter, Acknowledgment

6: STEP 5 – Review Data entries & Submission

7: Print Confirmation Slip

8: Exit

LSHSC Recruitment Requirements

Interested applicants must be of good behaviour and composure

1. All candidates must have a valid means of identification such as a valid driver’s license, National Identification Card, International passport, Voter’s card, or NIN number

2. MBBS degree or its equivalent to a recognised institution

3. Passed Part I Fellowship examination of the National Postgraduate Medical College or its equivalent in the respective speciality

4. Registration with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria

5. Valid License to Practise

6. NYSC Discharge/ Exemption Certificate

What is the Duty of the Commissioner for Health?

Implement workplace regulations for staff members of public hospitals. Keep an eye on the public hospital’s hiring, firing, and promotion processes. 

Coordinate the transfer of public hospital staff across states, services, and hospitals. Organize pension issues for every hospital staff.

How Many General Hospitals are there in Lagos?

In Lagos, there are 26 registered general hospitals, 256 public healthcare facilities, 2, 886 private hospitals or specialist clinics.

Also, laboratories or diagnostic centres, in addition to an estimated 160 trade medical, according to statistics from the Healthcare Facilities Monitoring and Accreditation Agency, or HEFAMAA.

Use the comment section below to ask any questions you may have about LSHSC recruitment 2022 and other job alerts, and we will do our best to respond.

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