NDA School Fees For Fresh Students 2023 Academic

Do you wish to know how much is NDA school fees? (Nigerian Defence Academy) tuition costs? Candidates for the NDA Cadet, PGD, Direct Short Service, SSC, and Masters Programs are they required to pay tuition?

About NDA School Fees for Applicants

Of course, the NDA may ask you to pay some fees when completing your admission. Make sure the information is coming from the Nigerian Defence Academy management if this is ever the case.

Yes, we provide information regarding their entrance on this page, but we’ve never discussed the costs of the NDA School with you.

Make sure you get the information and account details from NDA websites, www.ndaapplications.net and/or www.nda.edu.ng, if you intend to pay any fees to them.

Do not deposit money into any lecturer or cadet’s account, even after verifying any Nigerian Defence Academy, or NDA school fees that need to be paid. Be sure to get the Bank Account information from one of the aforementioned NDA websites.

NDA Acceptance Fee Information

After receiving an admissions offer from the academy, you will be required to submit a non-refundable acceptance fee to the authorities. 

By paying this charge, you will confirm your enrollment and inform the admissions committee that you accept the admissions offer. 

You will be informed of the amount to pay as an acceptance fee following your admission.

NDA School Fees for Cadets/Undergraduates

The following table provides a breakdown of each course’s NDA tuition costs (programme). As a result, it is important for all new undergraduate students offering these courses for the 2023 academic year to pay attention.

Accounting – N45,000

Biological Science (s) – N45,000

Chemistry – N45,000

Civil Engineering – N45,000

Electrical and Electronic Engineering – N45,000

Computer Science – N45,000

Physics – N45,000

Geography – N45,000

Mechanical Engineering – N45,000

Computer Science – N45,000

Economics – N45,000

Mathematics – N45,000

Political Science and Defence Studies – N45,000

History – N45,000

Do they Pay School Fees in NDA?

While many continue to believe that this government-run defence training facility is free, others assert that there are no mandatory student payments. However, as stated by the management a few months ago, the university pays consistent tuition rates.

Is Studying in NDA Free?

Once you are admitted into the National Defense Academy, the cost is merely $50,000 to $75,000 for three years.

Is NDA Exam Difficult?

The NDA exam is challenging since candidates must pass a written test with a broad syllabus, a psychological aptitude test, and an intelligence test in order to proceed.

What is the Age Limit in NDA?

Candidates who have completed class 12 or are enrolled in class 12 and are between the ages of 15.7/ 16 and 19 are eligible to apply for this exam. 

Candidates for the NDA Exam should make sure they meet the requirements; otherwise, their application may be rejected at any point throughout the exam.

In conclusion, you would need at least N90,000 to cover the accommodation charge in addition to the acceptance fee and tuition (Ninety Thousand Naira only). 

Depending on the amount they estimate for the admission fee and other charges, the total NDA school fees may be higher than that. However, you are free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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