Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment: 2022 Application Form

The Nigeria Immigration service recruitment has begun. See the application form, prerequisites, and instructions for the Nigeria Immigration Recruitment Form 2022 online at the Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment Portal.

About the Immigration Job in Nigeria

The beginning date for the Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment 2022 has been declared. See the application portal, the recruitment firm, and the requirements. Also, see how to apply for the NIS Recruitment 2022, and all other pertinent information at

The immigration recruitment portal, application requirements, and where to get the application form are all covered in full in this article. You can also apply for positions with the Nigeria Immigration Service through the portal and get shortlisted.

Although the NIS 2022 hiring process has not yet begun, it will be soon. The Nigeria Immigration Service will soon start a big recruiting drive, according to reliable sources. Following the portal will be open and applications accepted.

How can I Apply for Immigration Job in Nigeria?

You must complete out the application form on and submit it together with the accurate information requested of you in order to apply.

Please make sure you supply the information requested on the Nigeria immigration recruiting portal. Also, carefully follow the application instructions.

Log in to, fill out the form, and make sure to frequently visit this page for updates on the status of your application and other instructions.

What is the Work of Immigration in Nigeria?

They gave Nigerian passports and other travel documents to legitimate Nigerians both inside and outside the country. Foreigners are also given residence permits in Nigeria. They also performed border patrol and surveillance.

What is Nigeria Immigration Salary?

Meanwhile, passport officers’ starting salary can be as little as 30,000 Naira per month. Hence, on average, the average salary a Nigeria Immigration officer will earn as a graduate should be N150,000 in a month, with other benefits and bonuses attached.

How Long is Nigeria Immigration Training?

According to representatives of the Nigerian Immigration Service, the two (2) week, Nigeria Immigration physical training that is required as a part of the hiring procedure for all pre-qualified candidates will take place this year.

How Many Month is NIS Training in Nigeria?

They trained Nigerian immigration service personnel to assist with both inbound and outbound migration. Since the position involves sufficient knowledge and abilities. Therefore, it takes roughly six months for individuals to receive all necessary training before being sent to their assigned station.

Is NIS 2022 Form out?

Please be aware that the application for the Nigeria Immigration Service is not yet available. As soon as the form is available online, we will update this page.

However, to find out when the form is available for 2022. Also, just visit this website or the NIS Recruitment Portal on

What is Required for Immigration Recruitment?

The applicant must not have any financial scandal. The age range for applicants for the Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment in 2022 is 18 to 30.

Therefore, the applicant’s height must be at least 1.65 meters for men and 1.60 meters for women. Also, for men, the applicant’s chest measurement must be at least 0.87m.

If you would like to apply for the jobs or would like more information about the Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment 2022, please leave a comment below.

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