Nigerian Army Ranks and Salary Structure

Rank in Nigeria army. However, the Nigerian military is a trustworthy institution that defends Nigerian citizens. Anyone who wishes to serve their country should strive to join the military forces.

About the Rank in Nigeria Army

How well-versed are you in the Nigerian Army? Are you familiar with the pay scale and rank system in the Nigerian Army? If not, it might interest you to know that the goal of this post is to give our readers a general understanding of the ranks and pay scale of the Nigerian Army.

We’ll outline the Nigerian Army’s echelons in this post, together with the men’s and women’s monthly salaries. After reading this page, you will therefore be familiar with the ranks and pay scale of the Nigerian Army. I see; continue reading.

There are many things you should understand about the Nigerian Army, particularly if you plan to enlist in it in the future.

What is the Salary of Nigeria Army Per Month?

The pay for Nigerian troops has traditionally been based on their rank. The highest-paid rank in the military is general, who receives N1.5 million per month, while private soldier receives N49,000 monthly.

What is the Salary of a Brigadier General in Nigerian Army?

A Brigadier General’s Insignia, which comprises a silver eagle and three six-pointed stars set in a triangle, can identify them.

Therefore, their monthly salaries range from 650,000 to 800,000. 16. Major General. Also, a major general is an army officer with a rank of two stars.

How Much is the Salary of 2nd Lieutenant in Nigeria?

Second lieutenant: In the Nigerian army, a second lieutenant is the captain’s second replacement, and they report to the captain.

Therefore, they typically receive a salary of 160,000 to 180,000 naira per month. 10. Lieutenant. Also, a lieutenant is an army officer who ranks below a captain but above a second lieutenant.

How Much is Nigeria Navy Salary?

Compared to other branches of the Nigerian Armed Forces, the salary scale for officers in the Nigerian Navy is different. N16,303,140 buys an admiral in the Nigerian navy.

Which Rank is Given After NDA in Nigeria?

When you are accepted into the NDA, you are given the rank of cadet and trained there for three years before moving on to the INA, IMA, or AFA for one year of training in the Navy, Army, or Air Force, respectively.

Also, you receive the rank of Sub Lieutenant. Therefore, Lieutenant, or Flying Officer in your respective services after graduating from your respective academy.

What is the Starting Salary of Army?

A recruit is a member of the Nigerian army who has recently been drafted and has just enlisted for military training and duty. They pay a recruit for the Army between 10,000 and 12,000 naira per month.

Are the Nigerian Army Paid Very Well?

It is clear from the aforementioned ranks and salaries that the Nigerian government underpays soldiers when compared to other professions and the salaries of armies in other nations (even African countries).

There have even been allegations that the government underpays soldiers, and this occurs so frequently that certain employees feel compelled to bring it up in public.

Therefore, we must not lose sight of the fact that every nation’s military is one of its most vital industries. It’s awful that the Nigerian government is playing games with them.

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