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The PENCOM recruitment of 2023 is ongoing at the moment. Therefore, are you considering applying for a position with the National Pension Commission? PENCOM is encouraging competent applicants to submit applications for the 2023 hiring process.

PENCOM Recruitment Update 2023

We would like to let everyone know that the PENCOM recruitment portal for 2022 is now accepting applications.

However, the National Pension Commission encourages competent applicants who want to enhance their careers at the National Pension Commission and are interested in doing so to submit an application.

Also, we will walk you through the entire application procedure, including how to fill out the PENCOM recruitment form effectively and with no problems.

Therefore, there are many options to join the National Pension Commission, whether you have a degree. This is the time to act if you are interested in the ongoing PENCOM recruitment.

How to Apply for the PENCOM Recruitment

To apply, follow the steps below:

1. Visit the official National Pension Commission recruitment portal at

2. Locate Careers/Vacancies

3. Choose a position that suits you best

4. Sign up with your email address and follow the registration guidelines

5. Provide all the information

6. Click on submit

7. Take a print-out once your registration is successful

What are the Requirements at PENCOM?

They advised interested candidates to note the following requirements.

1. Must work in a new environment

2. Interested applicants must be physically and mentally fit

3. Possession of B.Sc, HND, NCE, OND certificate from a recognised institution

4. Interested applicants must be of good behaviour and composure

5. All candidates must have a valid means of identification such as a valid driver’s license, National Identification Card, International passport, Voter’s card, or NIN Number

6. Computer literacy is an added advantage

7. Interested candidates must have good communication and interpersonal skills

8. Please leave your email address in the comment section below if you’d like to get updates about PENCOM Recruitment 2023.

How Long does it Take Pencom to Approve?

Please be aware that it should typically take 20 working days from the day of submission until PenCom approves it and your account is actually credited.

How Much is Pencom Salary?

However, a National Pension Commission (PENCOM) entry-level worker in grade level 8 typically makes between 70,000 and 90,000 per year. Also, several benefits are available to PENCOM employees besides their base pay.

How do I Register with Pencom?

The potential retiree would go to, the website of the National Pension Commission.

Therefore, to begin the process of self-registration, click the ” “, which will be shown: Select the Enrollment Application by clicking it.

What Percentage of Salary is Pension?

If you contribute to your pension at age 30, you divide that amount by two, which equals 15. This is the proportion of your pre-tax income that you should ideally contribute to your pension fund until retirement.

Also, for instance: 15 percent of your pay, if you’re 30 years old, should go toward pension contributions.

Is Pension Paid Monthly?

The frequency of your payments can typically be set to monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. However, your income will depend on how frequently payments are made; they make more frequent payments, the smaller the payments will be.

When did PenCom start in Nigeria?

To enhance efficient management of the Nigerian pension industry. Therefore, the National Pension Commission (PenCom) was established by the Pension Reform Act (PRA) 2014 and later PRA 2014.


Use the comment section below to ask questions you may have about the PENCOM recruitment 2023, and we will do our best to respond. Also, share with your friends. Thanks.

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