Sample of Application Letter for Jobs 2023 Update

A sample of application letter that stands as a cover letter for a job application is crucial for a job record. Therefore, when drafting an application letter, you must be careful and formal.

Like most employment selection procedures, applying for teaching job opportunities requires writing an application letter.

Whether you’re seeking a position as social studies, math, yoga, or online education teacher at a university or private school, you must submit a detailed application.

The main points of a job application letter for a teacher are the applicant’s qualifications, academic background, and relevant work experience. The applicant must also justify their qualifications.

What is an Application Letter?

I knew that an application letter outlines your strongest and most important qualifications. During the interview, the recruiter or employer will pay particular attention to the skills, knowledge, and experience you discuss in your application letter.

The application letter provides you with the chance to convince the recruiter that you are the best person for the job before you ever have a face-to-face meeting.

After explaining what an application letter is, let’s move on to some tips on how to create a strong one if you want to work as a teacher in Nigeria.

Format of Writing an Application Letter

To avoid errors, you must understand how to draft a letter of application. The following are some things to keep in mind when composing an application letter:

1. Your application letter should be succinct, accurate, and direct

2. An application letter should be proper, kind, and respectful.

3. It would be preferable if you gave a brief introduction in the opening sentence of the application letter.

4. Also, state that you look forward to hearing from the applicant in the closing paragraph of the application letter.

5. It would be better if you explained why you want to work for a specific business or organisation.

6. In order for the other person to contact you, you must provide accurate contact information.

Check out the Five Short Cover Application Letter Examples

All the information required to grab the hiring manager’s attention and secure an interview is provided in our brief cover letter samples.

1. Short Cover Letter Example One

This cover letter is effective because it grabs the reader’s attention right away by showcasing the applicant’s enthusiasm for tutoring.

Additionally, the cover letter is just long enough for the applicant to list a few specific accomplishments from prior employment. 

These samples show employers what the applicant is capable of in a brief period.

2. Short Cover Letter Example Two

Despite the briefness of the cover letter, the applicant rapidly shows their ability to communicate with others and their history of on-time attendance—both qualities that will make an employer take notice.

The reader should have a firm grasp of this candidate’s credentials and faith in their competence by the time this cover letter is finished.

3. Cover Letter Sample Three

The candidate does not squander any time emphasising how much experience they have, which makes this short cover letter successful.

The applicant shows right away that they have received praise from the American Nurses Association (ANA) for their performance in emergency situations and their high ethical standards.

They persuasively and succinctly show their hard and soft skills in a cover letter of fewer than 150 words.

4. Cover Letter Example Four 

This brief cover letter is successful because it condenses a lot of information into a little area.

The applicant presents their pertinent accomplishments and organising abilities in bullet points. Since they are looking for a copy editing position.

Also, the applicants discuss how they have effectively edited copy in the past and support those accomplishments with concrete data.

5. Short Cover Letter Example Five

This illustration shows that you don’t need professional experience to write a strong brief cover letter.

In fact, if you’re creating an entry-level cover letter, brief cover letters are ideal.

With a shorter format, you may get directly to the point and concentrate on your top one or two accomplishments that make you a strong fit for the position.

Short Cover Letter Samples for Job Applications

You must swiftly and succinctly outline your pertinent experience, skill set, and accomplishments in order to compose a successful short cover letter.

Use these guidelines to write a succinct cover letter that impresses hiring managers.

1. Avoid Using this Clichéd Introductory Statement.

The most overused opener for cover letters is “I’m writing to apply for the role of…”

Many hiring managers have encountered it several times. Try to stay away from this uninteresting opener when composing your cover letter.

Instead, discover how to creatively open a cover letter and tailor the opening to you to get the attention of more recruiters.

2. Eliminate Superfluous Buzzwords.

Anyone might claim to be a “self-starter” or “detail-oriented,” but buzzwords have little meaning to recruiters.

Instead of saying you’re “self-motivated,” give an instance of a success that exemplifies this trait.

You may say, for instance, “Researched a new search engine optimisation method that increased sales by 47%.”

3. Don’t List Every Job You’ve Ever Had

A brief cover letter does not require you to list every job you have ever held.

Instead of focusing on specific duties, talk about your successes and qualities that make you the ideal candidate for the position.

When drafting your resume, you might provide a more thorough account of your previous positions.

4. Use Concise Language Rather than Lengthy Ones

Without realising it, we occasionally write overly elaborate sentences on business documents when a single word will serve. 

Reread your cover letter when you’ve finished writing it. Substitute single words with longer phrases (or at least fewer words).

Here are some lengthy examples typically found in cover letters, along with some shorter alternatives:

Sample Job Application Letter

Ms. Gloria Micheal

DSC Company

68 Delaware Road

Bloomsbury, CA 09045

(090) 656-87878


Dear Ms. Micheal,

I’m submitting this letter in response to your organisation’s job posting for a junior programmer. I am including a finished job application, my credentials, my resume, four references, and my certificates as required.

This listing offers an intriguing possibility. I am confident that my years of technical expertise, education, and the firm background will qualify me for the job. My greatest assets and areas of contribution to this role are:

1. Also, i have created, supported, and designed a variety of live-use applications.

2. I put out constant effort to achieve my objectives through hard work and excellence.

3. I make outstanding contributions to the demands and desires of the customers.

My undergraduate degree is in computer programming. I also have a thorough understanding of a soft development project’s entire lifecycle. I study new technology whenever the necessity arises.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



How do you End an Application Letter?

A professional ending salutation, such as “Sincerely,” “Best regards,” or “Thank you for your attention,” should be used after expressing gratitude for their time and consideration. 

Stay away from overused words and phrases like “Yours,” “Cheers,” and “Take care.”

Does an Application Letter Need Signature?

No, a cover letter does not require your signature. However, since it looks professional and takes little work, sign your cover letter if you’re mailing a printed copy along with your application. Are you: Sending a cover letter via email?

How do you Introduce Yourself in a Cover Letter?

Yes, include a cover letter with your introduction. Declare your name, the position you’re looking for, and how you found out about it. 

For instance: In order to be considered for the open Account Manager position posted on LinkedIn, my name is Henry Applicant.

Use a cover letter builder, which divides the procedure into a few simple steps, if you need to create a brief cover letter quickly. If you enjoy reading this post, please share it.

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