The Worlds Best Countries for Quality of Life 2022

Check out the best country in the world that has the full concept of quality of life that can encompass intangibles such as job security, political stability, individual freedom, and environmental quality. 

The outcomes reflect the kinds of places you yearned to visit while you couldn’t go and the ones you returned to first once you could, as the world has reopened and readjusted. 

Relative newcomers like Botswana and the Philippines made the list with perennial favourites like Japan and last year’s champion, Italy. 

And every one of these locations found a special way to overcome the difficulties of receiving tourists once more, from upholding stringent quarantines to opening their borders.

The Top 10 Best Countries in the World

We provide a glance at the top 10 nations below.

1. Canada

For the first time since 2020, Canada, the second-largest nation in the world by land mass, is ranked #1 overall. 

It places highly on perceived agility, entrepreneurship, education, economic and political stability, as well as perceived quality of life and social purpose.

2. Japan

However, Japan jumped one position since 2020, ranking No. 2 overall. Also, the country, made up of four main islands, ranks No. 1 for entrepreneurship, No. 6 among movers and No. 5 for cultural influence.

3. Germany

Third overall, Germany is recognised for its high scores in entrepreneurship, power, and agility. This places Germany in the top five. 

Chancellor Angela Merkel, the head of state, has one of the best approval ratings among well-known world leaders, although her final term is due to expire in the fall.

4. Switzerland

Switzerland is now the No. 4 Best Country on the list after four years at the top. The nation, which is well-known for its tradition of neutrality, is ranked No. 1 for being open to business and No. 5 for quality of life.

5. Australia

For the second consecutive year, they rank Australia as the fifth best country overall. Besides being in the top 10 in categories like adventure, social purpose, safety, and trustworthiness, they ranked the nation No. 2 for its agility and No. 6 for its perceived quality of life.

6. The United States

The United States rose one spot from 2020 to place No. 6 overall. Therefore, the nation with the largest economy is also seen as the most powerful, coming in first place for agility, third for entrepreneurship, and a third for cultural influence.

7. New Zealand

New Zealand rose four positions from the previous year to take the seventh-best country spot overall. It ranks third for social purposes and is regarded as the world’s most beautiful and content country.

8. The United Kingdom

The UK is ranked eighth overall. The country dropped two ranks overall from the 2020 rankings because of its recent exit from the European Union, while it rose to one level in terms of perceived cultural influence.

9. Sweden

Sweden ranks third in terms of perceived quality of life and is the ninth-best country overall. The nation received good marks for its social commitment and dependability.

10. The Netherlands

Overall, the Netherlands is ranked 10th. The nation ranks first for gender equality, third for racial justice, and seventh for providing a high quality of life.

I guess you now know the best countries you can spend your vacation with your family. Also, you can leave a comment in the comment section below.

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