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The University of Prince Edward Island is a pioneer in experiential learning, assisting students in realising their full leadership potential on Prince Edward Island, throughout Canada, and globally. 

About the University of Prince Edward Island

The Legislative Council of Prince Edward Island and Lt. Governor Edmund Fanning called for the founding of Kent College in 1804, which is when the university’s history begins. 

The first Kent College structure, also referred to as “the National School” or James Breading’s School, was built in 1820. Central Academy, which got a Royal Charter in 1834, eventually supplanted it.

In 1860, they gave the Colleges a new name in honour of the coming King Edward VII: the Prince of Wales. St. Dunstan’s University and the Prince of Wales College.

Also, which was established in 1855 and 1860, respectively, served as the University of Prince Edward Island’s two older precursor organisations.

University of Prince Edward Island Programs Offered

The faculties of Arts, Business, Education, Nursing, Science, Sustainable Design Engineering, and Veterinary Medicine offer a variety of undergraduate programs, while the Faculty of Graduate Studies offers outstanding graduate programs across all faculties. 

The University established the Faculty of Climate Change and Environment as its ninth faculty in 2021.

How do I Apply to Prince Edward Island?

University of Prince Edward Island.

Apply to UPEI!

1. Create a UPEI account. Create a UPEI account. …

2. Complete an online application. …

3. Submit your UPEI application fee and completed the application. …

4. Submit your transcripts and supporting documentation. …

5. Check your application status by logging into your account.

International Students

As a top educational destination for students from throughout the world, UPEI is gaining popularity. 

However, each year, the school welcomes over 1,600 international students from over 90 different countries, making up around 30% of all enrolled students.

High-quality instruction and a small, secure campus with all the services students require to draw kids in. Discover Canadian culture the PEI way! Also, we can find more information on Prince Edward Island and UPEI in our International Student Guide.

Graduate Programs at UPEI

UPEI offers graduate programs in a variety of faculties. For information about courses, application procedures, and admission requirements for each of our graduate programs, please visit the pages linked below.

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Doctor of Applied Health (DrAH) (Please note: Admission to the Doctor of Applied Health program is currently suspended.)

Master in Global Affairs 

Master of Global Affairs student handbook

Faculty of Science

Master of Applied Health Services Research 

Master of Science

Specialisations in:

Environmental Sciences

Human Biology

Molecular and Macromolecular Sciences

Mathematical and Computational Sciences

Sustainable Design Engineering

PhD in Environmental Sciences

PhD in Molecular and Macromolecular Sciences

Faculty of Engineering

Master of Science in Sustainable Design Engineering

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Master of Science (Veterinary Medicine)

Master of Veterinary Science

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Faculty of Arts

Master of Arts in Island Studies (Thesis stream)

Master of Arts in Island Studies (Course-based Island Tourism specialisation)

Master of Arts in Island Studies student handbook

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) (new 2019)

Doctor of Psychology Program Manual

Faculty of Business

Executive Master of Business Administration

EMBA Program Manual

Master of Business Administration in Global Leadership (new 2018)

MBA-GL Program Manual

Faculty of Education

Master of Education in Leadership in Learning

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies

Faculty of Nursing

Master of Nursing

MN Program Manual

Tuition and Fees

The University of Prince Edward Island Board of Governors has approved the tuition and fees listed on this page for the 2022–2023 academic year.

In their student accounts on myUPEI, current students can get a breakdown of their tuition and fees. Visit the Student Toolbox page for “Student Finance.”

Is the University of Prince Edward Island a Good University?

In the MacLeans University Rankings – Primarily Undergraduate Universities, the University of Prince Edward Island came in at number seven. 

Therefore, in the 123 rankings, we have been tracking on our website. This is the university’s highest placement. Also, view the University of Prince Edward Island’s overall rankings.

Is Prince Edward Island Good for International Students?

Prince Edward Island schools feature:

The safest province in Canada offers top-notch education. A clean, safe environment that accepts visitors from all over the world. One of Canada’s most complete English as a Second Language (EAL) programs.

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