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US Army Recruitment 2022/2023. Do you wish to join The United State Army as a foreigner? Recruitment is currently ongoing? Here is a big chance and a huge opportunity for you to work in America. We will do our best to provide you with the requirements. For US Army Recruitment 2022 and how to apply.

The US Army

The largest military branch, and a part of the DOD, is the Army. Also, it manages important ground combat missions, particularly continuing operations.

Because of their helmet, Army Special Forces are known as Green Berets. However, soldiers make up the Army’s membership. Army Reserve and Army National Guard are the reserve components.

For over two centuries. Also, it has been a valuable tool of national strategy in both peace and conflict.

More Details

By defending our national interests, and averting global catastrophe. Also, by fostering world peace, soldiers help America fulfil its global leadership obligations.

We achieve this by addressing issues of human suffering and seeking peaceful solutions to conflicts between states.

Additionally, as part of our unbreakable agreement with the American people. Also, we must fight and prevail in battles when necessary.

How Can I Join the US Army as a Foreigner?

The Army does not require U.S. citizenship; However, residency is required. You must become a permanent U.S. resident, sometimes known as a green-card holder. Therefore, in order to join the military from another nation.

Also, prior to February 2018, joining the military with a green card was a fast pathway to full citizenship, but things have changed since then.

How to Apply for US Army Recruitment 2022

In order to complete your application for the US Army Recruitment for foreigners, follow the procedures below.

Visit the official recruitment portal at Take note, the application is free. Beware of Fraudsters.

Is the Army Currently Recruiting?

Only 7,340 new recruits were added to the US Army in October and November 2022. Also, falling short of its target of 10,400 for the active-duty army.

However, the Army recently revealed that it will give select new recruits who enrol for six years the greatest incentive in history, up to $50,000.

Can Non-Citizen join the US Army?

Non-citizens must be legally living in the United States and living there continuously in order to join the military.

Therefore, Non-citizens must also speak English and have a high school diploma. Also, have an -551 (Permanent Residence Card), and be authorised to work in the United States.

How Much is U.S. Military Salary?

The average salary for a soldier is $38,546 per year in the United States, which is 29% lower than the average US Army salary of $54,376 per year for this job.

Can I Get a Green Card if I Join the Army?

You might be qualified to petition for citizenship if you served honourably for at least a year during a time of peace in the U.S. armed forces.

However, to prove that you are a legitimate permanent resident of the United States during times of peace. However, you must still get your green card.

How Long is Army Basic Training?

Depending on your military occupational speciality, Basic Combat Training includes three parts and lasts for around 10 weeks (MOS).

Also, you will go through two further training phases after completing basic training. Therefore, referred to as advanced individual training, where you will gain the job skills necessary for your MOS.

Is Army a Good Career?

The Army is a good career for some personality types. Compared to many professions in the private sector, there is more organisation and protocol.

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